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Why Choose CSP?

 Double Duty

Retirement Gone Astray

Options for Today

A Bleak Future

The Making of CSP

Case Study

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The Making of CSP

The Child Saving Plan was designed to offer parents a vehicle with which to provide the ultimate for their child. The CSP blueprint empowers parents to utilize a government financial benefit to the fullest potential.

CSP Packages

CSP Packages

Something for Every Family
Regardless if you have one child or six . . .
Regardless if your children are 2 weeks old, or if they are 15 . . .
Regardless if you are a mom, a dad, a single parent, a grandparent . . .
Regardless if you are a low income family or a middle income or even high income . .


Package A – Created for The Newborn
Many parents like to begin planning for the future as soon as they realize they are pregnant.
Did you know you can start a CSP plan as early as your son or daughter being 14 days old? It’s never too soon!

Young Children

Package B – Created for Young Children
It could be you haven’t even considered college for your kids … and suddenly they are in Grade One. You realize time flies and in only twelve years, your will be sending them off to college, not grade school.

It’s definitely time to get that college fund started!


Package C – Designed for The Teenager
You’ve been a parent for a dozen years and you understand stresses come with family life. You watch your son or daughter growing more mature each week – at least you hope you do.

Over dinner you listen to your child share the important things of their day. You discover what they hope to become. You listen to their dreams. And you wonder – will you be able to make those dreams come true?

WHY Should You Consider CSP?

Benefits of CSP

An In Depth Review of the Benefits of Choosing CSP
At Fairchoice Financial, we our first priority is always our customer. Over the years of being in the service industry we have learned that the customer that really understands why they need a certain product, that customer becomes a loyal customer. The customer that makes a buying decision based on knowledge and the facts, rather than an emotional sales pitch, is the customer that continues to come back to our office when they need other services and they are most likely to tell their friends and family about us.

What our Clients Say

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All our advisers have specialized training in how to properly structure family plans that maximize the power
of  using your own source of financing.

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