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Why Choose CSP?

 Double Duty

Retirement Gone Astray

Options for Today

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CSP Packages

CSP Packages

Something for Every Family
Regardless if you have one child or six . . .
Regardless if your children are 2 weeks old, or if they are 15 . . .
Regardless if you are a mom, a dad, a single parent, a grandparent . . .
Regardless if you are a low income family or a middle income or even high income . .


Package A – Created for The Newborn
Many parents like to begin planning for the future as soon as they realize they are pregnant.
Did you know you can start a CSP plan as early as your son or daughter being 14 days old? It’s never too soon!

Young Children

Package B – Created for Young Children
It could be you haven’t even considered college for your kids … and suddenly they are in Grade One. You realize time flies and in only twelve years, your will be sending them off to college, not grade school.

It’s definitely time to get that college fund started!


Package C – Designed for The Teenager
You’ve been a parent for a dozen years and you understand stresses come with family life. You watch your son or daughter growing more mature each week – at least you hope you do.

Over dinner you listen to your child share the important things of their day. You discover what they hope to become. You listen to their dreams. And you wonder – will you be able to make those dreams come true?

WHY Should You Consider CSP?

Benefits of CSP

Choose the contribution amount comfortable for your budget

Federal child benefit payments may be used for the contributions

All contributions grow tax free, and not tax deferred

Know exactly how much is in the plan at any given time

Returns are guaranteed by a major Canadian insurance company

Money in the plan is controlled by the parent or grandparent

Plan may be transferred to the child any time after the child turns age 18

Contributions are made over a period of 20 years only

Benefits last for the life of the child

Money in the plan continues to grow even after payments have stopped

Child has insurance benefits for life as a benefit of the plan

Child will always qualify for insurance even if the child’s health fails later

Money can be borrowed from the plan without confirmation of credit, income or reason

Money can be used for anything the owner chooses

What our Clients Say

When I first looked at the Canadian Child Save Plan I was shocked to see how much money I would be saving for my child’s future. It was a real wakeup call. From my research I have concluded that The Child Savings Plan is far superiors then anything else on the market today.

-Colin Smith-

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